Teen Court

The Philadelphia Teen Court program is a sentencing court run by teens for teens. The program’s mission is to provide a service-learning forum that encourages youth to develop their leadership skills, to follow the rules of law and to hold their peers accountable for their anti-social behavior. High school students who have violated a level 1 offense are held accountable by a jury of their peers. The offender’s peers are placed in the roles of jury member, prosecuting and defense attorney, clerk bailiff, and judge. The Teen Court students become role models and peer leaders in their school and community.

Program Goals

  • Prevent youth who commit minor school offenses from becoming involved in more serious offenses
  • Hold youth accountable for their actions through positive approaches to reform, including local community service, restitution, letters of apology, mediation, and other alternative measures
  • Reduce the number of suspensions and school truancy
  • Educate youth about the judicial process, the court system, and their role in a democratic society

For more information please contact:
Dawn McCray
Deputy Chief of Workforce and School Support Services