Frequently Asked Questions

What is Communities In Schools?

Communities In Schools is the nation’s leading community-based organization helping kids succeed in school and prepare for life. CIS began in Atlanta and now serves over 1 million young people with programs and activities in 27 states and the District of Columbia.

Why is Communities In Schools needed?

Every day many students face educational hurdles that come from outside the classroom. Hunger, poverty, family crises, low self-esteem, medical problems, violence, alcohol, and drugs negatively affect a child’s chances of being successful in school and in life. Communities In Schools takes a community development approach to supporting kids by unifying the full resources of the community around children, families, teachers, and schools as a support system to address these educational hurdles. Communities In Schools works at building relationships, locally and statewide – because the impact of all groups linked to the schools can achieve the positive results in kids and families we all seek.

What makes Communities In Schools the leading dropout prevention organization?

We are not aware of another organization with a similar mission (helping young people successfully learn, stay in school and prepare for life) that reaches such a large number of students, schools, and communities, nor one which also has an equivalent history of experience and success.

What is the purpose of the Communities In Schools state office? Does the Communities In Schools state office compete with local Communities In Schools offices for funding?

The Communities In Schools state office works to begin new CIS programs and also provides training and technical assistance for the six local Communities In Schools affiliates currently operating in Pennsylvania. The state office also coordinates certain multi-county/statewide programs. The CIS state office does not compete with local Communities In Schools offices for funding. Funding for the state office comes from national foundation grants, as well as state and federal sources.

How is Communities In Schools funded?

Communities In Schools, Inc., a national 501(c)3, is privately and publicly funded through a variety of corporate, foundation, and federal grants. Communities In Schools of Pennsylvania, similarly is funded through a variety of state, federal, corporate and foundation grants. On the local level, Communities In Schools sites receive funding from the CIS state office, local private sector support and various state, federal, and foundation grants.